to continue the holiday spirit…

December 28, 2008

had a delicious brunch that mom made, featuring this really cool stuffed french toast with cream cheese – you’d have to taste to see how good it was!

…..followed by a great dinner of turkey, many veggies & a yummy pumpkin pie.

Boxing Day – I went to Toronto and over to Derek’s Grandmas house, we had another great Brunch there & Exchanged gifts.

Although I loved everything, I can’t post it all.

My Dad (with the help of my Mom I’m sure) picked this out. It’s very cozy!


…then, D & I went to the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA at the Air Canada Center. It was incredible. They are such talented musicians and sung tons of great Christmas Songs. We got the tickets as a gift from his parents.


bangleI also received this from D along with a lulu hoodie ( in a funky blue/turquoise colour), some D&G Light Blue Perfume (maybe I should take that as a hint…haha, Just kidding)

Mom, thank you for the Scarf, Movies & Everything Else. You have a massive amount of Christmas Spirit…I love it!

My Brothers got me a Body Shop Gift Card (which is always a great gift to receive) & another cozy Hoodie. I’m going to be warm this Winter, thats for sure.

In the Spirit of Giving, and with help from my incredibly Creative family at BLOOM, I was able to make a few centerpieces. I used white and red roses, fresh greens & candy cane carns with mini red carns, some ‘ting ting’ and a cool antique white pot.

This year, I got

Fleece Sleep Pants for Dpjpant1

Bon Appetit Meal Cards for D’s Parents …..a nice treat for a dinner out (I think anyways????)

Many Many Scarfs for others, A Balance Ball for my Dad as he is very interested in exercise recently, and a knife set for my Mom…she loves to cook!

Will Update more Later…



One Response to “to continue the holiday spirit…”

  1. see what I am saying about TSO!!! aren’t they an incredible experience, I think the kids would LOVE it. It is a must for them next year. Tell your mom the stuffed french toast sounds!! FABULOUS!!!

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