life as a fashionable foodie

December 31, 2008

I have many fascinations.  I love interior design, people, fashion & food. Combining them all, I have always loved the idea of building and owning a restaurant, but I don’t know If I would actually want (or have the patience) to bring it to fruition…

In a dream world, this is my perfect place..

Near the ocean, I’d have a huge patio so people could come and enjoy delicious food while soaking up the sun, or a relaxing night seeing the sun go down…


I am loving the clash of industry steel with the trendy elegance of this wood….These would be my tables.

I would dress this up with Polished, Bright White dinnerware…Square to add some funk. Finished with Stainless Steel, very simple utensils…(I like how Bold, yet Simple these are…)



…I’d love to see tall, crisp, calla lillies in a vase in the centers of the tables..Maybe a little tropical ‘Ginger’ flower to give it some boost.


My menu would offer lots of healthy options, while keeping the heart home cooked favourites in mind..Baskets of Rosemary & Black Olive Bread (we had a similar one in a restaurant I used to work in, and it was delicious even though I am certainly not an Olive fan…)

Fresh fruits & Breakfast Favourites ….look at those pancakes. yum

For Lunch… Light Pastas – Stone Oven Pizzas,  Salads……lots of fresh herbs!


oh, and for dinner…..

Steak, Stuffed Chicken…Vegetables, Garlic Mash….Tenderloin….on square plates of course….Oh I’m getting Hungry now! : )


My servers would wear…..

Crisp, Clean…Black, and White Shirts?


One Response to “life as a fashionable foodie”

  1. I think you should try to include acorns somewhere. wink much love for the new year!

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