home sweet home

January 11, 2009

these are my most recent finds, loves & wishes. life is going to get a lot more busy starting monday..

I hope everyone has a lovely sunday! : )

This weeks worthy websites:

I can’t copy pictures but please visit www.justdesign.ca – they have a great mix of floral & event design. I love it

http://www.treeline-events.com/ They are a fabulous event/catering company spanning across Canada. I love how………fresh.. they are!


Pool Pictures: girl sitting with the view and also the floating cabana hut
House (Front View): I am loving this mixture between dark wood & stone, rustic and elegant…
White Kitchen Photo: adoring the bar/island stools as well as the island, I could do without the rest..Just not for me
Outdoor Kitchen: how much fun would entertaining in this be?
Coral Knobs: from Anthropologie of course, they would be fabulous in my beach house
Armoire & Curly Bench: Both from Kuda Furniture (please visit them at kudafurniture.com) I think the creativity is great. Not everything on the site is for me but they have some old-world charmy ideas!
Bean Spoon, Branch Bowl & Tea Stick: all by AT Design Group in Toronto. I love there use of materials and there touch of completely quirky… Look at this Tea Spoon, great for on-the-go’ers!
Mostly White/Brown  Showroom by Kreiss: I don’t usually go for something like this but I like the crispness and clean feel to this room. I love the end tables, 2 stools in front of the fire and the 2 chairs (Visit kreiss.com)
Unusual Living Space with Canopy Bed by Kreiss: Half a wall…hmm Interesting..

safariroomshowroom1 branchbowlbeanspoonteastick






One Response to “home sweet home”

  1. Okay, LOVE the armoire! and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the “floating” pool platform. I soooooooo want to be there in the sun!

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