loves of the moment

January 29, 2009

hello! firstly…so sorry for being MIA. my plate has been very full the past couple weeks… but now, back in action!

look at this very-cute bag……those who know me, know I like big bags. perfect for a day at the beach, or for me..toting around to all the classes! oh how I adore nautical..


Peter Coppola Brass Out Shampoo & Condition Duo……. I am a BIG fan! I have blondish highlighted hair (most of the time…) and this stuff takes the yellow brassiness out and keeps the real blonde. Love it!


Arizona Stone, makers of fabulous stone, wood beam and rock architectural design. You MUST MUST MUST have a look a them. I like the rugged, natural look shown through their pillar work. (This is the company I will be using in my restaurant exteriors..)


Philosophy.. I love mostly all of their products – and if you have never heard of this company, please please check it out. They make GREAT gifts.  Oh how I would love a bubble bath to smell like this one……


Another love….. FLICKR! There are so many talented people out there, and its nice to have a place to showcase them. For the restaurant, we are using many white ground imagery by a man called Darwin Bell. He takes a great crisp photo, please check him out as well.

I should note that I dont enjoy all the photos, just the fruit, veg and flower ones. I haven’t looked at any others so excuse any inappropriate ones if there are….


You must look at his set called Mostly Flowers…. gorgeous.

a6Screams…… ZESTY! : )

Below are a collection of homes I have come across on different websites, flickr pages etc. Once I trace who the artists are, I will post them : )


Beautiful Post-and-Beam work on this one. I sense a little Asian influence on this one…


I like these Doors ….


This just makes me smile. Such a blah street……and such a happy place! An instant-cheer-upper!


Hope you have the happiest day! : ) Its good to be back…


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