oh sunshine, where are you?

January 29, 2009

I just love the summer…. I thought these would be fun to share! enjoy & have a happy day, wherever you are!

(thanks flickr, once again)

I like how clean this simple outdoor sink is.




How great is this one..

Notice the 2 chairs, who wants to come with? : )


and what about here? We could all stay! (this one is in Bali)


oh the memories…………. 🙂 what a great summer!


the lovely àtchoo` bubble pewter wand… love love love it (at chasingfireflies)


oh yes, and not summery..but another atchoo favourite. kisses ring!




4 Responses to “oh sunshine, where are you?”

  1. pick ME!!!! you know I LOVE the sun. nice mural by the way!! are those fried eggs? 🙂 hugs!!!

  2. That Bali photo is amazing. Just gorgeous!

  3. Oh Kait!!! where are you?

  4. lisa said

    I’m there…….count me in!

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