dreams 101

February 8, 2009

again, so sorry for the MIA…I’m back now. Life has been so crazy as I am getting prepared for the big move, as well as finishing up this year, our capstone restaurant simulation project and a vacation! yipeeee.

have a very sweet day.

look at this backyard, how fun would entertaining be?????


there is something funky, and somewhat sweet about this room….I’m liking the “wallpaper” art, a great twist on regular paint for a child’s room, and “cooler” then regular wallpaper..artistic! (Corbis Image, not mine, copyrighted)


I love components of this kitchen,  like the flooring, range hood and center island, and especially how it opens to the outdoors…


this next photo is by LAURA ASHLEY, it’s so charming, and very peaceful..


I’d be very afraid to get this room dirty, but I love how sharp, clean and simple it is. very refreshing and romantic – it’s from flickr, and this photographers page


The next few pictures (7 of them) are from COUNTRY LIVING Magazine, and are absolutely gorgeous and make me smile, enjoy! They are taken from the flickr of Tammy Manet, please, have a look at her page

Love lime green, especially when used as a pop of colour where it’s not overwhelming, it makes the room lively and very fresh..



love love love this, well the rug, tub, plant, window, vanity… ah the mix of animal print, and pretty…


how great is this room? I even love the dog…  : )


what a fabulous garden/backyard/mud room..


I’m so craving that sunshine right now…


love the desk, and chest of drawers in this picture





One Response to “dreams 101”

  1. cool beans!!!! love the rooms. where are you going on vacation? when? fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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