many many fun things!

February 20, 2009

I am very much in need of an update, and after having a look around – I have some very fun things to share. Things that will surely make you smile, at least I think so anyways ..

Okay, here we go.

Brown Club Chair is Pottery Barn
Black & White Deco Chair is Pier 1
Banana Leaf Wall Art from Lamps Plus
Chandelier (I have featured this in a previous set, but I adore it) is French Bedroom Company UK
Retro Mixer (Love!) is Kitchenaid of course
Shell Table Cards – I’m not sure where these came from, but they are great & very beachy!
Pot Rack by Hammerton (…read below)
Fabulous Pillows!
1. Set of 3 is by Mermaid Hut
2. Conch Shell byVivre
3. Zebra from Barneys New York

HAMMERTON, you must check them out :  )
(The pot rack above is from their Chateau Collection)
They are a great manufacturer for both Hospitality & Residential outlets, from Salt Lake City and started with two men, in the garage creating unique lighting solutions.


I LOVE this light!
Some more mentionables.. all can be found at

Pretty Room by designer Jessica Helgerson

I love how flowing this kitchen is … It is by Backen Gillam Architects
(I would change the chairs, but I like the concept … a bit blurry, SORRY!)

Interesting (I like the Wallpaper)… this is by ID Collection

Cool Shower



2 Responses to “many many fun things!”

  1. I, too, LOVE the light (both of them actually) and not surprisingly, I too, LOVE the wall paper in the ID Collection photo. inspiring! Hey, when you have a moment, come to my blog and help me win my battle against my adorable husband, thanks!!!

  2. Oh, and yes, cooooooool shower, it is like for the new Wonder Woman (a.k.a. phone booth chic) Now, I want the shower and Wonder Woman’s jet!!!

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