ohh I cannot wait

March 7, 2009

hello! I completely owe you all a post, very sorry – very busy and was away for a little bit! This is such a beach dreaming outfit for me : )

If you can see, the tank is a roses, with thorns and lots of greens. It’s adorable, and from BROWNS.com

( remember, do not get angry that roses have thorns, but be thankful thorns have roses! thanks BLOOM)

A lovely straw beach hat,  and belt from Anthropologie, Dress is Sienna Miller Twelve by Twelve, Shorts are Abercrombie & Fitch,  The beach bag and Cardigan are the wonderful J Crew, Flowers are just very spring-ish…

COACH has this great gold ring, and the fabulous Shell necklace is ASOS.com (I’m not sure the designer, but this place has really cool Jewelry…check it out!)

Oh yes, and Shoes are from zimbio.com, and the very important lip SPF is MAC, while the face SPF is Murad – both from Sephora or online at mac.com, and murad.com

Have the happiest of days! It’s good to be back!






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