pretty places & gorgeous spaces

March 11, 2009

there are some elements to this I adore! the super tall windows, fabulous curtains, the FLOORS! the table……… the cozy couch (thanks to the previously blogged about Tammy Manet at Flickr)


pictures 1, and 4 make me smile!

thank you Alys Geertsen from Flickr, great bold flowers!


if you have never already, visit and check out rachel ashwells collections
some of my favourites include…

willow table

rachel sofa

damask mirror


One Response to “pretty places & gorgeous spaces”

  1. Karlene said

    I too, LOVE those floors! everything, I could live there (except the wierd positioning of the lamps precariously on the pedastols), love it though!!! I LOVE that ginormous lamp!!

    The Rachel stuff is always stunning and there might be some great items found super reasonably, I believe Rachel is closing many stores do to some unfortunate financial issues.

    love you Kait Kait!

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