sticking to it

March 11, 2009

I don’t watch a lot of TV when I’m in London, because I’m usually running around doing lots of other things….but, I did watch PROJECT RUNWAY CANADA last night, and was amazed at the creativity. That’s why I just HAD to share

The Challenge: Make a dress from POST-IT- notes, entirely! This challenge was to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness for the Canadian Foundation, and all models were survivors!

Look at HOW COOL these are!

Winner (the company 3M, who makes post-it notes bought this dress for $10,000 and donated all proceeds to the Foundation)


Notables…. he he he

Sunny is so small..



2 Responses to “sticking to it”

  1. Phoebe said

    The work created is amazing! The fact that each season, let alone each episode, the producers manage to create a staggering challenges that stretches the creativity bubble deserves more than just a catwalk!

  2. those are neat!!! and even more so, the 3M donation was incredibly generous!!!

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