the ultimate beach dream

March 25, 2009

i love love this website, and since I am such a beach dreaming, this is so fitting

thank you BLOOM (check her blog out, if you havn’t already…….. you will be very happy you did!)

the top 10 list

10 (…and as much as I love the whole studio line, I so desperately want to nap on this…)


9. the ultimate rope blanket, cozy….plus, I love the chocolate brown


8.  globe light…. speaks creativity!


7.  gorgeous sea life, deco that makes me a happy girl..

aacoral6. beautiful


5. wonderful stand


4. for my beach house of course.. (we’ll need a door stop, to let the breeze in, this one will work just fine..)


3. although I’ll be a graduate (eeeeeeeks) I still adore this writing desk


2. for the lovely shower, this will make it a little more feminine!


1. and finally, i’m going to plop down right here



One Response to “the ultimate beach dream”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE,……. 9…..8…….and 2!!!! did I say, LOVE?

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