back in business! finally….

April 24, 2009

hey everyone! I have been m i a for about a month now, and I am so sorry! life has been super busy…including the final presentation of my restaurant business plan. yikers, but I’m happy to be done and moving on.

our concept ended up being a European open-concept, reminiscent of a bustling Mediterranean marketplace……..all the food is cooked in front of you, at 8 stations. basically, when you walk in, you are handed a shopping card, we called it a Passport…and you travel to each station ordering food. We named it Down to Earth, to signify the raw, naturalness of food and the casual (but lively, I know…opposites..)

anyways…I’ll be posting some goodies in the near future of the restaurant, menu design etc…

on another note…. PURSES!!!! If you don’t know, you should visit and check out what’s going on. To celebrate suvivors, honour those who have passed, and to fight back against the horrible disease, the Canadian Cancer Society (American to most of my followers, family etc…) created Relay for Life.

This year, I’m relaying for Barb (who is very missed!) and Gram Kathy, who I just adore…

To donate purses, please visit the above website and get in touch. I’ve canvassed around campus and got a bunch already, and it’s fun fun fun!

pictures coming soon!!! have a brilliant day!


One Response to “back in business! finally….”

  1. Karlene said

    thanks kait kait!!! you are the best!!!

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