table settings 101

May 5, 2009

Last night, I went over to a friends house to have dinner. She hosted 9 of us, and cooked a delicious meal! We had marinated kabobs, basmati rice and grilled vegetables, smoked salmon roulades and a yummy pasta salad.

So, It got me thinking……I was recently award some gorgeous Royal Doulton place settings from an award I received at school (I don’t think I could afford these otherwise) note: I didn’t even get to select the pattern, this is what was sent to me, but I am liking the design! Black with subtle hints of gold..


so then I thought,  I’ll post table settings because I am soooooooooo in the mood for entertaining, and the best news? Everyone is invited : )

A collection of favourites…which do you like?

Pottery Barn, perfect for Fall


Brides Buzzing, this is unique (I think it may actually be from style me pretty)


Toast & Tables… fresh and so spring!


Becky Silke (this is perfect)



4 Responses to “table settings 101”

  1. Bailey Gray said

    why can’t I get weddings like this?

  2. What an incredible compliment! You have a lovely blog!!! Thanks for the mention~ The complete tablescape is available through my business…
    Entertaining at Home

    Becky Silke (aka HappyHourMom)

    • beachdreaming said

      Hi Becky

      I am LOVING your stuff! It`s fabulous, and of course, I am adoring the table which is why I featured it : )

      Take Care!

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