designing for less

May 30, 2009

It seems to me, that a new trend is buying designer branded clothing, at non-designer stores…………wouldn’t you agree? Top designers are making second string lines in order to pull in another level of consumers, however, that being said – I find I almost always adore the “most expensive” ones…..

any opinions????????

By this I mean, Matthew Williamson for H&M


and then Matthew Williamson regular Collection (sorry for the awkward picture, but I love the dress on the right)



One Response to “designing for less”

  1. I’ve never ever found anything at the target lines. and I checked out samantha ronson for jcpenney but I thought it was all kinda tacky. and they just put in an h&m here in san diego so I will have to check it out because I’m pretty sure I hear about h&m 23742 times in magazines with designer deals.

    also, I’m such a simple fashion girl like a nice pair of dark wash jeans and plain shirts with pretty dainty accessories and a buttery leather bag. that pretty much sums up my style I guess… all of the fakey designer stuff just seems so avante garde and intense to me!

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