all about ochre

June 29, 2009

okay, so while I was reading a copy of TORONTO LIFE, I stumbled upon SOUTH HILL HOME (check them out) which features the company, OCHRE – who is a London based design collaboration which started from a two-some who met at art school. They have really cool lighting, although unusual……..

The two-some then joined another, and began the OCHRE New York soho store, which puts emphasis more on textiles and glass…….which is also cool.

I really love these light fixtures


here is a close up…..





I also like… this steel cupboard they have



One Response to “all about ochre”

  1. ooh I love that first lamp with the dangling crystals. I have a similar chandelier in my house that I’ve always wanted to spray paint and pretty up, right now it looks kinda grungy. so I’m going to save this picture as inspiration, thanks!

    also, you know about all the good interior/furniture places to shop, wish I was as savvy as you! looks like youre going to school for the perfect thing- right up your alley!!

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