thanks a latte

July 1, 2009

this is a fun coffee shop! so, if you are ever in the Paynesville, Minnesota area….I suggest you stop and check out BLOOM Coffee & Floral

they have yummy numi tea’s, delicious hot mochas and the very best? oreo frozen drinks!!! mmm





4 Responses to “thanks a latte”

  1. Cute coffee shop! I could hang out there for quite a few hours with a laptop. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh I would love to go to school for interior design, hospitality, OR business. But I’m actually doing sociology… seems kind of pointless right now, not sure how I feel about it. I kind of wish I had gone to a specialty fashion/design school for visual merchandising or marketing! Oh well maybe I will go back for something like that after I finish this sociology degree!

    good luck with all your studies! and australia sounds like the perfect place to go to college! wish I could… 🙂

  3. beachdreaming said

    Hi Melissa…………..thanks! Just so you know, I didn’t design this coffee shop. It’s just an ADORABLE one I happen to stumble upon many times in Minnesota……….actually, it’s my cousins. SHE is very talented and very in to design…..check her out at

  4. okay, you truly are the sweetest ever!!!! I would like to critique a few things in the shots as they aren’t how I would like them, but then, when is everything? 🙂 LOVE you!!!

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