hudson, you are the best!

July 17, 2009

okay…… so for those reading (ah, hmm…. K Gray ) I do think my cousin is THE BEST…but I also LOVE the shop HUDSON in Boston, Mass. You need to check it out! my new crush………

(I am adoring these two light fixtures)




favourites include:

a beautiful Capiz Shell, and then a Copper Drum Light




2 Responses to “hudson, you are the best!”

  1. omg the styling of that store is AMAZING! I want to go there right now!!

  2. karlene said

    you had me at hello. 🙂 I too, LOVE Hudson!!! both of them, of course, mine a little more, but both of them truly! 🙂 Isn’t Hudson, the store, just super cool, if you go to my blog somewhere in probably the fall, you will find a story on them also, and some other fun pics if you want. (older ones, cause, I am older) 🙂

    LOVE your other post with those fixtures!!! (too)

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