fall for one, one for fall

August 27, 2009

can I say SOOOORRY just once more for being MIA? I hope so!

Alright, as I previously blogged about, and took the inspiration from BLOOM, I am loving this Lotus Light Fixture. It has the charm and elegence of the one from before, but pushed into the FALL season. Cool, right? (which happens to be my favourite decorating season, I am just loving the warmth, texture, and coziness of it all)

I am so picturing this above a rustic chocolate brown table, with creams and rust oranges… yum! (Viva Terra)


Artful thinking, I am in to this natural look right now…. something with a LOT of texture (Hostess with the Mostess)


Hammered Bowls & Scalloped Hurricanes … both, West Elm



THIS ROOM, by Resortation Hardware… (I love the Shutters, trunk, brick wall and sofa………. Can I change the floors and art? I would love to see something vibrant, and pop! for the art that is… ) any thoughts?


What a fun idea! Slate & Chalk coasters, to make your OWN art…


Have a happy day!!!!


2 Responses to “fall for one, one for fall”

  1. karlene said

    i have been looking for hammered stuff. are we the only ones that comment here?

  2. kait said

    sadly, yes lol
    I dont know how to make my blog ‘known’ other than by commenting on other peoples and I dont have much time to do so at the moment! I have friends that check it out, but prefer to e-mail instead!

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