loooooooooove west elm

August 28, 2009

I know, I have posted about this store many many times… but I just love it! I discovered one in Toronto, which I never knew existed (weird eh?) and now I am uber excited! Also, I had no idea that west elm was the extended arm of kitchen giant Williams-Sonoma (which I also ADORE)

enjoy the latest treats I am craving!!!

Unusual that I like this, but I do! It is clean, and simple…..and oh so lovely.


Honeycomb throw, in Heather Grey (perfect for my fall look!) The designers, Lutz and Patmos also collaborate with giants such as Coach


Flip Desk, although I would change the setting of this piece…


I really like components of this room, like the fabric, flower wall art (Which BLOOM did a piece on also) and I wouldn’t mind the bed either..


With this one, I would make some major changes such as:

– New couch.. I am thinking some chocolate, dark and cozy…maybe leather?

– New coffee table, pillows and accesories

What I do love though……… is the LIGHTING, WALL, MIRROR AND RUG! fabulouso!! I could also invision some funky Anthropologie curtains adding colour, trend and sparkle to the space


Have a blessed and veryyy happy day!!!


One Response to “loooooooooove west elm”

  1. karlene said

    omgoodness! I LOVE the bedding on that bed. It is exactly what I would I have been looking for. I also LOVE the lighting up above, you loved and the rug!!!!! you have the bestest taste. thanks for the post………..now a project, come up with an idea for my shoppe windows for a fall decor? I am stumped. and I have limited time to think about it. love ya.

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