plans for a fall window…

August 29, 2009

and this, is what I would do… if I had a lovely shop! : ) oh and, these peices are absolutely not practical, but I know MANY creative people. he he he

theme: orchard

1. dripping light fixture … I used the one I adore from Hammerton, but I am imaging something earthy, and busy, falling with twigs. I would also need to use tini lights, or candles within it

2. rustic cart (but a trunk would do just fine) I was thinking somehow to incorporate a ladder so I could stack it high with cable knit throws tied together like newspapers with chocolate brown ribbon

3. wire lobster baskets, 3….4…maybe 5, overflowing with apples

4. a vase, I am thinking……….. something hammered, not polished and loaded with creams, burnt oranges, washed out reds, muted yellows etc (I am talking flowers!)

5. message branch tree, and since us Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, I would fill it (or have it filled by my customers) with messages of what we are thankful for, little inspirations and praise

6. I included this fabric because I think my scene would need a little modern elegance, a hint of trend…….



One Response to “plans for a fall window…”

  1. kar said

    super good ideas!!!!!! thanks for inspiring…

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