it has been forever!

September 18, 2009

I must say… FALL is my absolute favourite season for Home Decor & Fashion (everyone knows how much I adore sunshine and completely a summer girl )….but,  I love the cozy textures, rich chocolates, rust oranges… mustards, greens…………. (I could go on and on and on) oh, and FOOD! I am such a foodie, and I adore fall for brilliant soups (Butternut Squash!) yum…


Photo from Martha Stewart Living, although I am sure there are some chefs out there who could make this much more delicious! (no offence Martha!)

Have you been to J CREW LATELY? Look at these ADORABLE LOOKS…….


If I had to chose a few key pieces… I would absolutely be wearing …

Chunky Statement Necklaces

Girly Ruffles paired with Tailored Boyfriend Pants

Cozy Cashmere Cardigans


Playful, Posh Coats

Skinny Jeans

Bright Heels (Okay, I would actually put this with an over the knee riding boot in a chocolate brown espresso shade! )



One Response to “it has been forever!”

  1. karlene said

    that coat detail is so cool!!! for some reason, it reminds me of taffy

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