it is getting brrrrry cold out

October 31, 2009

when winter comes, so do some of my favourite things

white hot chocolate from BLOOM, but since they don’t ship to Canada, I settle for Second Cup (also because Caribou refused my international order)

:  )


winter collections from the best shops, and lovely photography to go along



chunky knit tube scarves…. I dont know who this girl is, so if you are this person (Rachelfixed) on etsy, I love your items!



One Response to “it is getting brrrrry cold out”

  1. kar said

    first of all, very punny. second of all, what makes you think I wouldn’t ship? you just don’t like cold hot chocolate! third of all, very funny. back to IceAge hahahahaha the squirrel is going to get his acorn!

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