sunshine updates, of course

May 16, 2010

time has been flying by…..and I really can’t believe it has been almost 4 months since I’ve been here

School has begun to get immensely busy, and It seems like I never have time anymore, for anything – on the line up this week…

1. finish a sponsorship proposal (mock, of course) for my events marketing class (which I adore, of course)

2.finish research paper (which I do not enjoy, of course)

then, get real busy concentrating on Quiksilver Tour which starts July 1st – now THAT is something I can’t believe is coming up so fast..

The website launch is happening soon, and when it does, I will (of course) post the link….


I went with g to volunteer at Million Paws dog walk, which was so much fun – Its a 3k dog walk which took place in Miami, Queensland to support to fundraising efforts of the RSPCA, there was 742 dogs registered, can you IMAGINE…

My job? Hold and entertain the dogs as the walkers registered, It was a BLAST!

I got to hang out with a Newfoundlander named Bobbi, she was super cute and weight 180 lbs, MASSIVE.

Then, I was approached by a woman who asked if I could help out (She had a film crew with) and I was thinking hmmmm, maybe they need help moving something? when I got over to them, I was handed a script and had to work on behalf of the RSPCA to promote a new segment airing on TV, fun! They told me I would get a copy, so I am thinking it might be pretty hilarious to watch a few weeks from now, I was covered in dog slobber, ickyy.

happy days!


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