faith, art, food and sunshine

April 9, 2011



good arvo darlings! (does that even make sense aussies?)

today, I am in a weird mood. today, like any day…… I went to work, laughed, chatted, (worked a little), and then came home….. and on the way home, a group of absolutely adorable Japanese women were on the corner praying and asking for help. help for our friends who need it the most. help for those innocent people whose lives were affected by the uncontrollable. so before I continue….. I’m asking for your help. help to give up the cup of coffee each day this week, month…whatever, or maybe the decision not to purchase the little treat you do each day on your way to school, work, wherever….. and give. give to those who need it, and I promise you…… when we need it, they will give back.

faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen
-hebrews 11:1

things currently on my mind:

1. I need to do something creative (it is driving me crazy!) ….. paint, create, glue, cut, colour, stamp, rip, assemble, spray….. anything artistic.

2. giving – I strongly believe we reap what we sow in life, and there is an organization that is extremely close to my heart these days…… if giving is on your mind as well, please help my friends at

one dollar nation donation

3. travel – I am going to Asia in 10 days!!! Can I be any more excited? I am excited to meet people, experience culture….. okay, and maybe lay on the gorgeous beaches too.

4. photography….. I think I’m getting into something here, all I want to do is explore, find quirky, cool, interesting people/places/things and snap.


5. get cozy! the “cooler” nights (I know, right………. that one goes to my Canadian and American family…) are coming and this means, I want a big cozy scarf, tights, dark brown chocolate knee high leather boots (yum!) and a big, flowy top…… or a cool tuxedo jacket and some ruffles, somewhere.

I remember when the girls (k&b) and I would sit at the flower shop and endlessly design our dream outfits on polyvore, and chat, and mix&match and love. check these ones out I designed!

have a good one people! x






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