motherly advice

June 5, 2011

as I write this, I am overhearing  people talk trash about others, and I remembered a little thing I once read from Mother Teresa, that said…….

“be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”

what is the deal with people being ignorant these days?

Today, I am lucky because it is pretty easy to ignore it, since I am super focused on these awesome finds.



via A Perfect Gray, look at these fun floors

I don’t know what to write about these beauties, but I love the raw, rugged textures paired with the softness of that sofa 

this image makes me smile!!

I don’t love this image, in fact, I don’t even really like it……. minus the cool lights. yeah!

getting inspired by pre-fab images is always great, but I think I enjoy these ones a bit more, because it is exploding with potential.

What would I do? find out soon.

Roland Persson Photography …. I want to nap here. what a cute idea, I would fill the space with little love messages, or ones that inspire others. and maybe have a big bucket of fresh, purple hydrangaes



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