new crushes

June 5, 2011

as most of you know, I havn’t been feeling the best lately, but the only good thing about that – is that, it means the time I spend super cozy, with a zillion blankets and some tea, means I can blog, and check our my very favourites – then, I get all inspired and start itchin’ to design and create!

thanks to everything LEB, Tracery and a few others (which, oops I forgot…) I get to share these images, aren’t they awesome?

love&light everyone!





the bed is the only element in this one I love (but it’s a big love!)

I think I’d change out the lighting (maybe a little sparkle?) and the flooring (keep it timber, but change the lines…) but isn’t this darling? 



















I have always wanted a place like this (with maybe a change in some of the pillows)

favourites? the table and  the armoire, otherwise I think I’d be adding a little warmth to this space, and a fun, decorated table – I’m thinking, oranges, a darker floor, or maybe some reds….hmm, I’ll dream.


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