don’t ya know?

June 7, 2011


hey family…….


moma, welcome home.  hope you had a great time in Italy and France, I bet dad is happy you are back. (I would be if I was home)

dad, I miss you too. I got your facebook message, but you need to use the space bar – all your words are jumbled together, but I’ll forgive you. ha!

grams, thank you for being (so awesome)

nana, I freaking adore you. I can’t wait to chat about nothing with you (for hours)

j&d, brothers……….. call me, I need updates.

rkhb, I am looking for to movie night (too bad it wasn’t the time of year for cheesy christmas ones, you know I love them)



One Response to “don’t ya know?”

  1. xxoo any cheesy movies are good with you!!! lots of love!

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