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July 10, 2011

Fremantle is a wonderful town, I am super blessed to live near. For those who have never been, it is filled with gorgeous shops covered in charm and character……. old, funky buildings that make my heart a happy one. I spend a wonderful morning at the markets (pictures coming soon) and scooped up a bunch of fresh produce, and lovely treats….then, went home and had a COOKING FEAST! (pictures to follow also, Mom….)

In the meantime, I have been feeling super inspired by the following pictures (I adooooooooooore certain elemants, and am dreaming of a home of my own)

BIG love,



this one makes me smile. I love the sunlight! and the cozy outdoor space… and the trees….Relaxation

chic camping! imagine…… a sunset, a campfire (SMORES PLEASE!), some cozy blankets and some acoustic on the guitar… 

this rooftop space would make a great hangout. love the table (which is was a touch darker..) and the plants – they pop!

(the white room is the entrance to the patio…)

I don’t really love any of the furniture in the above two photos (okay, maybe some…) but I do love the lines and shapes in each space – think of the possibilities!

behind this door… I could plant a beautiful garden, with heaps of fresh tropical flowers, bright plants and shady trees….. mmm! 🙂

can I have this room, empty please??? love the brick, windows, natural light, flooring……. potential potential potential

great mirror! beach happy….

oh the bubbles!

love the clash of rustic/modern in this one, and these mirrors? gorgeous!

yes please!

how fun would this be? filled with your favourite people, some good food, good tunes and heaps of laughter

I don’t know why, but some elements in this one are super cool.


ingrid michaelson song……. how sweet : )

love this shelving unit..

hello big fat gorgeous red leather bag from anthropologie, I wish you were not so freaking expensive!

I got this beauty from the Freo Markets, and now…. I will be smelling like yummy strawberries post-shower… yippeeeee!





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