weekday wishes..

September 29, 2011

ladies and gents, exciting things are up and coming (stay tuned)….. but for the meantime? check out these gorgeous spaces. and a big sorry, to those lovely bloggies that I have forgotton to credit….. I don’t remember where I got these beautiful images but none are mine.


why don’t you check out one of my favourites?

dreamsicle day
















anyone who knows me..

September 18, 2011

knows I absolutely adore flowers! I can’t wait to have a house someday with a big backyard to plant fresh, funky flowers….yummy veggies and have gorgeous trees! 🙂

I think this is BEAUTIFUL, and super “fall-ish”…

Hope ya’ll are having the happiest of days! x!


September 18, 2011

hi people! It has been about a month since I moved home from Australia, can you believe it? Since a lot has happened, it has been a bit tricky getting some real down-time to post my favourites………. so, here they are.

(these are from The Beautiful Soup)

absolute happiness!

July 11, 2011

I would so love to get cozy in these pretty places…….. 

and you all know, I am crazy about lighting!

( this picture above makes me smile! every single thing about it! fresh fresh fresh & bright! )

I absolutely adore this idea!

we could sit here. and laugh for a zillion hours…….. : )

a good book and a cozy blanket….. x

a cheap alternative to shelving….. I would love this for my studio one day!

a think of bunch of these twinklin’ in a big garden full of trees, and a picnic of delicious food would be magic!

wood you believe it?

July 11, 2011


space, more inspiration……… design from a happy heart.

hope you all are having a gorgeous day (too bad mine is rainy….but you know what they say, ‘believe in the sun, even when it isn’t shining’…)












fired up

July 11, 2011

a recent (and very delicious) trip to Vasse Felix, Margaret River……. let me stumble upon this beauty..

and then I found these, wouldn’t that be nice???

how peaceful is this!

fresh spaces

July 11, 2011

more inspiration………….





love the split door, stove space, lighting, island, plants…… 

what a fun bed for a kid’s space……

how fun would the holidays be spent here! This is magic…. !!

I think these are super cute. more tea?

great space!

Meg Ryan’s cottage home……

architecturally speaking

July 10, 2011

when I was in school for Interior Design, I read and read and read and read many copies of Architectural Digest, and fell in love with some of the design……….. these ones are the most recent from their web, but loves none the less!




















my “extra time” between the restaurant (Neil Perry’s Rockpool, deets to follow….) is often spent being inspired by gorgerous spaces, elements, pictures etc. I come across, and bundle them into one big fat blog, so that one day – when I am in the process of building my dream home, I can come back and find all the things I once tripped on, and fell in love with.

inspiration is everywhere……

design time & a big hug

this one inspires me to write, blog, create and design. 

to cook…… and bake…… and smile (and not eat, since I can’t have any “junk food” aka all things sweet and sugary goodness! – who wants to be a taste tester??? )

you all know I love chalkboard walls (for grocery lists, song lyrics and love notes….)

way too stark and boring for my taste, but I really like this concept……..a loft and bright, beautiful doors






weekly pics

July 10, 2011

Fremantle is a wonderful town, I am super blessed to live near. For those who have never been, it is filled with gorgeous shops covered in charm and character……. old, funky buildings that make my heart a happy one. I spend a wonderful morning at the markets (pictures coming soon) and scooped up a bunch of fresh produce, and lovely treats….then, went home and had a COOKING FEAST! (pictures to follow also, Mom….)

In the meantime, I have been feeling super inspired by the following pictures (I adooooooooooore certain elemants, and am dreaming of a home of my own)

BIG love,



this one makes me smile. I love the sunlight! and the cozy outdoor space… and the trees….Relaxation

chic camping! imagine…… a sunset, a campfire (SMORES PLEASE!), some cozy blankets and some acoustic on the guitar… 

this rooftop space would make a great hangout. love the table (which is was a touch darker..) and the plants – they pop!

(the white room is the entrance to the patio…)

I don’t really love any of the furniture in the above two photos (okay, maybe some…) but I do love the lines and shapes in each space – think of the possibilities!

behind this door… I could plant a beautiful garden, with heaps of fresh tropical flowers, bright plants and shady trees….. mmm! 🙂

can I have this room, empty please??? love the brick, windows, natural light, flooring……. potential potential potential

great mirror! beach happy….

oh the bubbles!

love the clash of rustic/modern in this one, and these mirrors? gorgeous!

yes please!

how fun would this be? filled with your favourite people, some good food, good tunes and heaps of laughter

I don’t know why, but some elements in this one are super cool.


ingrid michaelson song……. how sweet : )

love this shelving unit..

hello big fat gorgeous red leather bag from anthropologie, I wish you were not so freaking expensive!

I got this beauty from the Freo Markets, and now…. I will be smelling like yummy strawberries post-shower… yippeeeee!